Creating Emotion through Strong Graphic Design

Written on the 15 July 2015 by VB Designs

With so many businesses flooding the market, one way to stand out and be noticed is through Graphic Design.

Strong Graphic Design can encourage discussion and sharing, along with creating repeat business. How? Through using Graphic Design that evokes certain emotions.

Ultimately, you want customers to form a relationship with you and for them to understand you. Facebook likes, mailing list signups and product purchases are a result of consumer loyalty. To achieve ongoing customer engagement, it's important to convey trust, value and most importantly, create an emotional connection all of which can be conveyed with the use of Graphic Design.

Using Graphic Design to create emotions is not something new. Think about an image of the Christmas Co-cola Truck. How does that make you feel? Christmassy?! Or perhaps seeing a healthy, young person enjoying a smoothie can make you feel like if you drank smoothies maybe you'd look like that?!

Effective emotional design focuses on selling a feeling or idea rather than a product. Creating an emotional back story through your graphic design will endear you to consumers. As emotional design puts the audience first, anything you want to accomplish is filtered through, such as:

  • How will this best serve our audience?
  • How will my product/services make their lives easier? And;
  • What aspect of my product/service is of value to them?

The strongest emotional design focuses on simplicity. In addition to appearing more aesthetically pleasing, it is easier to trigger a single emotional response rather than several. This will limit your customers' choices to one, or few options, leading them there with an emotional response such as: "I need this product because", or: "this product will solve this specific problem".

Good Graphic Design that evokes emotion is:
Clear and easily understood The design is professional, consistent and logical
Enjoyable The text and images should entertain
Memorable The design is unique and stands out, and;
Personal The design is an honest reflection of what the product/services represent


How to create emotions through Graphic Design?
You have to put yourself in your target markets shoes. This can be done through asking questions such as; Who are my target market, What do they like, Why should they use my products and services, What do they like/dislike etc.

If your products/services are locally based e.g. Gold Coast, then look at the suburbs you serve and how those people engage with one another and with your business.

By assigning human qualities to your Graphic Design, you can help evoke an emotional response from your consumers.

Remember, strong emotional Graphic Design shouldn't be an afterthought. It is an aspect that should be factored in during every stage of the design process. This ensures all ensures all functions, features, layout and language is designed with accurate, consistent feeling.

To help your consumers personally connect to your brand then you can enlist the help of VB Designs. Contact us today and our talented Gold Coast team will help you create the emotional response you are looking for.

Author:VB Designs