Haven't refreshed your brand in the past two years? It's critical to do so and here's why...

Written on the 8 March 2018 by VB Designs

While refreshing your brand or marketing material should not undertaken without a reason, there's one very critical reason - If you go too long without a change in your marketing material, it will begin to look stale.

Why? Design of marketing design goes through trends and styles, just like clothes or interior design. A concept that hasn't been updated can be compared to wearing clothes from the 90's in 2018.

This results in turning clients away from your business rather than attracting them. If your marketing material is out-dated, then it could be interpreted that perhaps your products and services are too.

Brand recognition and your message can be diluted if your design is not cohesive across all of your marketing material in print and online. It's imperative to maintain brand consistency across all mediums to strengthen your brand and message to potential customers.

Author:VB Designs