How to get Better Results with Beautiful Graphic Design

Written on the 21 December 2014

The world of business has changed. With more and more small businesses opening each day on the Gold Coast, it's a competitive market. So how can you promote your business successfully in this competitive market?  Through the use of beautiful graphic design.

Beautiful graphic design, in a marketing context, is about clever use of graphics, colours, layout and text to create a visually appealing design that encourages potential customers into using your business.  It is not just about looking nice and pretty, but the graphic design must be functional and affect the prospect, psychologically. 
How do you achieve this? Simply by taking the three key aspects that beautiful graphic design uses, to appeal to both customers and clients for your Gold Coast business.

1)    Motivation to Take Action

Beautiful graphic design should motivate your customers to buy.  This is achieved by creating a desire for your product or service through individual incentive and using social norms.  A great way of achieving this is having images of the products and/or services being used which establishes, straight away how much they will improve and enhance a person's life.

You can take this further and appeal to people's needs for social norms by having inspirational figures using your product.  Through doing this, you are demonstrating that your product or service is something that your audience uses successfully and are providing an incentive to buy.

2)    Reduce Anxiety

Beautiful graphic design can reduce fears and anxiety.  Through beautiful graphic design, you can help to address any fears and concerns that your potential customer may have, that are stopping them from buying your product or using your services.  These may be concerns over value for money, doubts over the reliability, fears about purchasing security, or whether this is the right choice for them at all.  There is such a wide range of choice for products and services on the Gold Coast it's important to tap into people's pain points.

Within the graphic design of your promotional materials and website you need to show off your success stories.  Using photos of happy customers, enjoying the product will help to convince people to invest the time, energy and money in your product.  Testimonials are also a good way of alleviating people's fears and anxieties.  Testimonials and good reviews will verify to your customers that your product or service delivers what it says it does.  Make sure you include these testimonials where people will read them such as within the main marketing content and not on a separate page or cover letter where they can be easily missed.

3)    Provide a Path to Conversion

Beautiful graphic design should not hinder your customers to buy. Make it simple and easy for people to buy your product or service with clear calls to action.  If there are complications or too many hoops to jump through, your prospects will lose patience and begin to mistrust a complicated system of purchasing.

Following these three basic, but foundation concepts will help with your marketing and ultimately your sales for your Gold Coast business.  Sales psychology, in many ways, is not difficult.  People need to feel they can trust you and your products and services. One way to achieve this is through beautiful and smart graphic design that resonates with the audience.