How to Write a Great Design Brief

Written on the 17 November 2015 by VB Designs

We're often asked by our clients exactly what information we need in order for us to start work on a project so we thought it would be a good idea to give some tips on how to write an effective design brief.

VB Designs are your local specialists for Graphic Design Gold Coast but if you want the best possible outcome, it's worth putting a little time and effort into clarifying your needs so important design issues are considered before we start work.  Here's what makes a great design brief:

Who You Are
Tell us a little about your business, your market niche and how you fit within your industry sector.

What You Want To Achieve
Let us know the purpose of the design for example, is it to generate sales, drive phone calls, capture leads or obtain information.

Who You're Targeting
The more we know about your audience, the better we can tailor our design, so let us know who they are.  If you can define sex, age, location, income bracket, occupation and/or interests and hobbies, we can create a design that is right on target.  If your audience is more general, that's fine too but it's important we know this before we start work.

Social Networks
If you have a presence on any of the social media sites, give us details so we can take a look at these.  We'll also let you know what you can do to integrate these activities with your new project.  All your design needs are in one place at VB Designs, graphic designers Gold Coast!

Budget and Timeline
If you have a budget in mind, let us know so we can work to it.  If you don't yet have a set budget, we'll tell you what it will cost to get the result you want.  And if you have a deadline to meet, make sure we know what it is right at the start so we can confirm if it's achievable.

If you give us examples of what you like (and don't like!) it can help to fast track a design that you'll love.

Not sure where to start?  We're here to help! Contact us at our graphic design Gold Coast studio just give us a call on 1300 732 217 and we'll talk to you about the information we need to produce an amazing result.

Author:VB Designs