The Benefits of Digital Publications

Written on the 14 October 2014

What is a Digital Publication and why do I need one?

Is your business struggling to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape? Want to reach your tech-savvy audience on their level? If so a Digital Publication could be the answer!
Compatible with desktop computers, iPad and iPhone devices, a digital publication breathes new life into your business allowing consumers to carry your message wherever they go. With the ability to embellish printed material with audio, video and photo gallery, slideshow components, digital publishing transforms your message into an interactive experience.

By launching your business on an interactive platform, such as online or an app, you are placing control back into the hands of the consumer. Digital Publications achieve this by allowing consumers to choose how they view your content (i.e. on your website, in an app, through Facebook, etc.).

Digital Publications provides a range of methods to convey your message, which were not possible before the advent of digital media. By presenting your information as an interactive experience your customers get to know your business on a personal level and will make them more comfortable when dealing with you in person. In a world of instant sharing, Digital Publications makes it much easier for consumers to recommend your services to friends and family.

By using Digital Publications, you will provide your consumers with new, novel ways for consumers to interact with your business. You can utilise digital publishing to create sophisticated, interactive elements, such as audio files, videos, slideshows and much more!

Presenting to Customers and Clients

Presenting your content in a professional, accessible manner ensures a visit to your website becomes an experience for consumers. If consumers have a positive experience engaging with your content, this will translate into repeat business from them, as well as recommendations to others.

With the help of digital publishing techniques, your company's virtual presence can become a single destination for delivery of all your communications. In addition to advertising, digital publishing can be used to deliver annual reports, brochures, brand and retail materials, directly to consumers' and staffers' mobile devices. Such instant communication keeps consumers invested in your business, which in turn will have a positive impact on sales.

Use digital publishing to avoid time-consuming meetings with sales representatives and prospective customers. Through providing prospects with company presentations, price guides, product information and new product proposals, there are two distinct advantages. Firstly, it gives prospects instant access to your company's information wherever they are. Secondly, with face-to-face meeting time cut significantly, you are free to do what you do best in your business.

You may have avoided stepping into the digital sphere for fear of the outrageous expense or lack of design experience. Well, you're in luck. Creating a digital publication for your business is much simpler and more cost-effective than previously thought. We can create a customised flipbook plus iPad/iPhone version to display your products and services, for a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Have your publication already designed? Great! We can convert your pdf to the digital format and of course can design it for you if you are starting fresh!

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