The Best Way to Rebrand Your Business with Graphic Design

Written on the 13 March 2015

With the constant changes in the business world, it is important to adapt, evolve and change with the times. The process can sometimes involve rebranding your business in order to reinvigorate a stale and outdated brand.

In order to successfully rebrand your business, there are some key points that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Focus on Building You Brand's Identity
    You are rebranding your business for a reason, and whatever your reason may be, the important thing is that you never lose your identity in the process. Remember that rebranding is not just about tweaking your logos or coming up with a new slogan. It's also about making changes in the different ways that you want your target market to perceive and recognise your brand.
  2. Plan Your Budget Accordingly
    Rebranding can be expensive, even for small businesses. Before you get started, make sure you have identified the various stages and what's required. A quick chat to one of our Gold Coast Graphic Designers can help with this.
  3. Keep the Rebranding Process Moving
    Rebranding is not an overnight process; it takes a lot of hard work and time as challenges arise. Thus, it is important that you commit to keeping it moving forward and see it through the end. Our graphic designers work closely with our Gold Coast clients to ensure the end result has the desired effect, even if that means going back and forth a few times with different ideas and designs.
  4. Get Help from the Professionals
    Rebranding is a process that requires the help of agencies such as VB designs through to the people who will market those ideas once the rebranding process complete.  Don't be afraid to hire a rebranding expert, especially one with the exceptional knowledge and experience in such projects. Having an expert involved in the process will make rebranding a lot easier and increases its chance of success. Use experts to determine which marketing mediums will work best. Whether you are thinking of a new logo design, catalogue/brochure design or website graphic design, your new brand should work across all mediums.
  5. Regularly Show the Results
    Rebranding happens in stages, and for every stage that you complete, you need to show some results. Doing so will help to keep the people working motivated, while keeping your customers and clients excited for what's next.
  6. Review, Review, Review
    Take the time to review your rebranding process and make sure that everything is on track. Reviewing allows you to see which aspects of the process are not working and make the necessary changes if needed. In addition, be sure to get feedback from your target market, as this feedback will help you see what works and what doesn't. All your rebranding efforts will be for naught if it doesn't appeal to your target market.

All in all, rebranding your business can be a challenging and time-consuming process. However, the effort will be worth it once you start seeing the benefits that a new and revitalised brand can give your business.

VB Designs have worked with Gold Coast clients closely to ensure the design and graphic elements of the rebrand are on brief and exceed client expectations.