The top 5 reasons why businesses are choosing professional digital brochure designs.

Written on the 31 March 2022 by VB Designs

The top 5 reasons why businesses are choosing professional digital brochure designs.

Leaving no stone unturned in a forever evolving digital environment is critical. Currently, many businesses are making more sales and acquisitions online than ever before. As a result,  digital brochure designs have become an essential marketing tool to showcase business services or products to reach more clients.


5 top reasons clients are choosing digital brochures


1. Flexible, cost-effective and engaging design – develop your company’s competitive edge

As we live in a fast-paced world, digital brochures can be amended, designed, and published quickly — digital brochure designs also allow your business to have a voice that gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Graphic designers help keep your company’s branding consistent and focused; this ensures your target audience quickly adapts to the messages you are trying to communicate. 


2. Interactive brochure designs convert sales

The user-friendly nature of digital brochure designs is unmatched by traditional printed brochures. Clients can flick and click through to videos and active hyperlinks to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. When they are ready to buy, digital brochures take clients off the market faster by making it easy for them to buy your products or make a booking or enquiry directly from the brochure. This saves your business and the client time and means more bottom line revenue. 


3. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

It is a fact that all business activities have an environmental impact, whether their output is physical or digital. However, by having a digital booklet in your marketing arsenal helps avoid over-production, reprints and environmental waste regarding traditional printed marketing resources.


4. Reporting and analytics

With around 70-80% of customers performing digital research before purchasing a product or service, your company will have a competitive edge to influence your target audience. 

It is a no brainer that you would want to accomplish this. With a digital booklet, you can better rebuild, revamp and refocus your target market through multiple channels to expand your brand's reach.


5. Creative freedom

The use of digital brochure design is relatively free from work that disregards traditional rules and restrictions, allowing for highly captivating design decisions such as:

  • Online brochures and booklets allow you to add engaging videos and slideshows. You can also include active hyperlinks for anything from additional resources to online booking forms.

  • You can experiment with unique page layouts, colours, and screen-friendly optimisation. In addition, we can provide the freedom of a digital booklet design that can also be adapted for printing purposes. 

  • A digital brochure can consist of as many pages as necessary to communicate your point. Plus, all the client has to do is press a hyperlink to find the exact product or service they are looking for.

  • With digital brochures, your graphic designer is not constrained by page margins and folds, so it’s possible to be more playful with the flow of text and imagery.


Looking to corner your target market? Give VB Designs a call

Here at VB Designs, we are professional Graphic Designers that can help assist with engaging content, design and online formatting. We provide a wide range of print and digital brochure designs including flipbooks, product booklets, flyers, brochures and PDFs.

Our team will help you develop the right strategy for your organisation by harmonising the creation of brochure artwork for digital and print applications if required. By adapting artwork to play to the strengths of each approach, we can maximise your brand's consistency and engagement, both online and offline. 

As everything starts with a conversation, why not  reach out and let us know your vision  so we can get the ball rolling. 

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