Top 5 Benefits of Using Professionally Designed Media Walls At Your Next Event

Written on the 4 October 2022 by VB Designs

Top 5 Benefits of Using Professionally Designed Media Walls At Your Next Event

Media walls are a versatile and convenient marketing tool used to stand out from the competition and attract new customers at trade shows and promotional events. These walls can showcase everything from brand  logos and key messaging to company photos and go a long way to leaving a lasting impression that increases visibility and maximises your reach. Read on to discover the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer to design all of your event backdrops.

Professional and Eye-Catching Design

A professionally designed media wall will use high resolution print and graphics that have crisp lines and vibrant colours. This not only looks visually stunning to draw a crowd; it will be easier to see and read from a distance for attracting buyers on the other side of the showroom. 

Easy to Put Up and Take Down

You don’t want to be struggling with media walls at every event. A high-quality media wall will be lightweight for portability and easy to quickly assemble and disassemble at each exhibition. Travel-friendly trade show media walls will come with a bag that makes it a breeze to pack them into cars, travel between shows and unpack them at the destination.

Range of Styles and Sizes

Make your photo wall work for your business with customised sizes and styles. There are popular stretch fabric media walls that come in a huge range of sizes, from as small as 600mm to as large as 6m. You can go for a classic straight wall to showcase your logo and artwork or get creative with serpentine walls and curve walls. A professional graphic designer will be able to construct and print your wall to suit your individual needs.

Can Be Single-Sided or Double-Sided

When having a media wall designed, you’ll have the option of printing just one side of the wall or both. One-sided media walls are standard and a great cost-effective choice. The front of the media wall will feature your artwork while the back will be white. Double-sided walls can be multi-purpose and are a fantastic way to convey different aspects of your brand with different artworks displayed on each side. 

Material Can Be Washed

Stretch fabric media walls can be washed to keep them clean and looking immaculate at each event without any risk of ruining the print. You can also use the same frame and change the artwork when needed so that you can use your media wall again with different themes and businesses.

Stretch Fabric Media Walls

Showcase Your Business With VB Designs 

Professional graphic design can draw in huge crowds which is the key to a successful exhibition. VB Designs are a team of graphic designers who specialise in tradeshow design and creating eye-catching media walls that are premium quality and made locally in Australia. Our walls feature exceptional graphic design and print with a lightweight construction that’s easy to assemble, take down and transport anywhere. Call us today for a quote or download our full tradeshow product catalogue for more information.

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