Top 7 Tips For Successful Brochure Design

Written on the 23 November 2023 by VB Designs

7 Tips For Successful Brochure Design

A professional brochure design can drastically improve your marketing reach and engagement through quality visuals and messaging that strengthen your brand. But it takes more than just the right pictures and text to make a brochure stand out. Read on for our top 7 design principles to keep in mind when it comes to creating a standout brochure.


Pick The Right Fonts

Your choice of fonts will have a big impact on the overall design of the brochure. Limit the decision to 2 font families that are easy to read and consistent with your brand. When choosing font size, use no more than 3 different sizes throughout the brochure.


Start With An Eye-Catching Heading

The purpose of a heading is to grab attention and to encourage the reader to keep reading further. Make sure that your heading provides a solution to your client’s problem and keep it short and catchy.


Include Relevant Information & Contact Details

When writing the body text for your brochure, avoid information overload that causes people to skim or stop reading altogether. Only include the most important information that is relevant to your target market and make sure that your contact details are easy to find and follow.


Don’t Forget About White Space

White space is crucial for a great brochure design. Not only does it give the eyes a break to prevent eye strain, but it is also more visually attractive and professional. Break up large chunks of information into small paragraphs and make use of bullet-points, sub-headings and images to make the content even easier to read.


Add A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action lets the client know exactly what you want them to do next. End your brochure with a clear and concise call-to-action that will take them to the next step in the buying process. Some examples may include calling you to purchase a product, offering a discount or free sample, signing up to a newsletter or following you on social media.


Use High-Quality Images

The right picture will immediately catch a client’s eye and compel them to pick up your brochure to read the content. Use relevant images that are high-resolution with sharp clarity and vibrant colours that jump off the page or screen.


Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure that your brochure design is aligned with your brand for consistency. Use the same brand fonts, colours, logo and other design elements to maintain a strong brand identity across all marketing channels.


Eye-Catching Brochure Designs For Every Event

Be ready for every marketing opportunity with a brochure that stands out from the competition. VB Designs provides professional brochure and flyer design for all of your marketing needs. We can assist with the content, design and formatting of print and digital brochures as well as flyers, booklets and PDFs.

Our Australian-based team can help you with:

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Author:VB Designs