Two Things to Consider Before you Design for Print and Online

Written on the 13 October 2015 by VB Designs

Designing for online requires a very different skill than designing for print.   There are two main differences between the two mediums and getting it right increases the effectiveness of the campaign and the perception of your brand.  Not sure where to start?  We're here to help VB Designs is your local specialists for Graphic Design Gold Coast and we're ready to help you stand out from the crowd!


In the print world, the space you have for your message is generally confined to a page, part of a page, or something like a flyer or postcard.  Space is expensive so designers need to maximise the use of it but if you have a lot to say then your print campaign can look a bit like you've tried to squeeze as much as possible on to the page.

In the online world on the other hand, space can be unlimited (unless you need a simple design for a banner or tile).  Your designer can spread things out, make it easier for the eye to scan, use more white space and generally capture more attention.

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Perfection comes in Increments

It can be hard to measure the effectiveness of a printed design.  Sure you can monitor calls, but unless you can link that call back to the campaign it's difficult to measure and it's impossible to know what you could have changed to improve your success rate.

Online is different with great analytical tools offered by the likes of Google and Hubspot, you can measure the effectiveness of the design.  You can see how many people visit your online page and how long they spend on it.  You can test different landing pages to see which is more effective.  You can use different colours to see which results in more clicks.  You can perfect your campaign incrementally.

There really are no limits to how far you can take your tests in fact, Google once famously tested a whopping 41 shades of blue to find out exactly which shade resulted in the most clicks from consumers. 

With a digital publication, you can turn your static brochure into an interactive experience by adding hyperlinks, video, pop-up windows or slideshows, compatible across a variety of mediums from PC, to tablets and phones, thus reaching a far wider audience.

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Author:VB Designs