Why Is It Essential To Do Your Research Before Choosing Branding Colours?

Written on the 21 February 2023 by VB Designs

Branding Colours


The right branding colours can make or break your brand. Choosing the right combination and incorporating colour psychology into the decision can drastically increase your brand recognition while reflecting your business values and personality. Read on to discover why it’s vital that you put a lot of thought and research into deciding what colours to use for your brand and what to consider to get it right.


Why Is Colour Branding So Important?

It comes down to colour psychology. This is the study of how different colours evoke different emotions in people and cause them to behave in response. The combination of the right colours can influence what customers think or feel when they see your brand. A brand colour palette will be seen wherever you choose to market your business, from your logo colour, website and social media icons to your business cards and brochures. That’s why it’s essential that you choose colours that accurately reflect the personality, journey and values of your business.


What Does Each Colour Represent?

Here is a short summary of popular colours and the emotions that they can evoke in customers:

  • Red can stand for strength, passion, excitement and danger.
  • Orange can be energetic, playful and friendly.
  • Yellow is fun, happy, youthful and optimistic.
  • Green can mean wealth and growth but it can also indicate nature
  • Blue can be professional as well as innocent, calming and trustful
  • Purple is luxurious, royal and creative
  • Pink is feminine, youthful, innocent and fun
  • Black can signify power, sophistication, edginess and luxury
  • White is clean, simple and trustful


How To Choose Branding Colours For Your Brand?

Now that you understand what each colour represents, think about which ones best reflect your brand. These steps will help you to put together a colour palette for your business:

  1. Choose a base colour. This colour will be the most dominant in your palette and represent the trait that reflects your brand the most
  2. Next, choose an accent colour. This colour will be the second most used colour in the palette. It should represent a trait of your business but also pair visually well with your base colour for maximum impact
  3. Lastly, choose a neutral colour. This will typically be a background colour, something that is subtle and avoids attention. Common neutral colours include white, grey and beige

Make The Most Of Branding Colours With VB Designs

Once you know what your branding colours are, a graphic designer can create visual graphics that help to evoke the right emotions in your target audience. VB Designs are a team of local graphic designers who can help you incorporate your branding palette into all of your marketing materials online and in print. We provide creative logo design and branding services that can wow your customers and grow your brand awareness. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and request a free quote!

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