Why It's Better to Hire a Local Graphic Designer

Written on the 20 October 2014

Whatever business you have, there is always a need for a quality Graphic Designer. Whether it is for your business logo, promotional posters, brochures or even for letterheads. Finding a Graphic Designer nowadays isn’t that difficult. Using Google or Social Media will help you find someone pretty quickly either locally, nationally or overseas. Finding a Graphic Designer who is good and reliable though.... well that's another blog post!

There are many businesses using overseas staff for areas such as Graphic Design, Admin, Bookkeeping. Whilst every small business has small budgets, it's not always a good idea to outsource.

We've put together some reasons why when it comes to Graphic Design, local is best!

Instant Communication

If you are hiring or collaborating with someone for a task, then you know how important clear communication is. When you don’t like the design, have questions, or simply want to check in with your designer, it's easy to do when you use a local Graphic Designer.

It's also easier when it comes to communication. The main form of communication when you use overseas staff is via email, instant messenger and sometimes skype. When you use a local Graphic Designer, you can provide clear and concise instructions and know that your instructions are interpreted correctly.

Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines are crucial to the majority of business owners. It can be challenging to meet deadlines if the person you are working with is several hours (or worse a day) behind your time zone.

With a local Graphic Design company, this shouldn’t be a problem since you’re both working on the same time zone. More than likely, you're also working the same hours.


Working with a local graphic artist can be good for both your business and theirs. It can help increase both of your local brand visibility. You will most likely be referring them to others, and the Graphic Designer will be doing the same. Furthermore, it will be beneficial in the sense that you are supporting local business. Through doing this, you gain respect within the local business community, given the “unwelcoming” feeling that most local businesses and employees have towards outsourcing and their loss of income or jobs.

Working with an overseas Graphics Design company may seem like a good idea. They are, after all, often cheaper than our local graphic design studios. However, some overseas designers can often take much longer to produce the final result for clients, which in the end, causes stress and only saves a few dollars. You have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle.

The lack of active communication and issues with deadlines can become frustrating and add to your workload. In order to avoid this, we feel it's best to work with a local Graphic Design Studio.