Why Refreshing Marketing Collateral Can Help Your Business

Written on the 18 June 2015

Why Refreshing Marketing Collateral Can Help Your Business

Has your business been turning over less profit than usual? Are you having trouble attracting new customers? According to the old saying, a change is as good as a holiday, well the same can be said for your business.

Whether it be a new look for your website, a fresh logo or updating your email templates, refreshing the graphic design of your marketing collateral can revitalise your business. It can help you stay ahead of the competition while attracting new customers with your updated marketing material.

Take a good look at your current marketing strategy. If it isn't helping you draw in a profit, perhaps it's time for a rethink. Stay ahead of your competitors by utilising new market research and methods that will reach your target audience in an ever-changing social landscape. Simply apply these basic marketing techniques to your marketing material and watch your business flourish


Email Marketing
If you only have one email marketing list, you aren't reaching all your customers effectively. Rather than sending the same subscriber emails to everyone, divide your subscribers into individual segments, and send emails targeted specifically to them. Use different colours, graphic design and content in your newsletters to appeal directly to your target market.


Update your Mobile Strategy
With the rise of mobile-friendly websites, the number of people who discover your online marketing via their mobile phones, iPads or tablet devices is on the rise.

Ensuring your website is mobile compatible and that your brochures and flyers are also available in digital formats, allows your customers a smoother customer experience. It also shows that your business is at the forefront of everything technology. At VB Designs we offer the conversion of a physical brochure to a Digital Brochure providing you with both options for your clients.


Social Media
Using Social Media is a must for any business these days. Ensure your brand stands out with unique images and branding that appeal to your target market. Often it's the same images that are shared on social media, so by having a handful of carefully designed images that represent your business perfectly, this can have a better cut through rate.

In addition, if your business is using Facebook Adverts, then it's important to be aware of their 20% text rule. Having the right images for adverts can be the difference between a successful campaign and a poor one.

Our Gold Coast Graphic Design team work very closely with clients to ensure we capture what your business represents in the form of Graphic Design and Marketing Material.

If your business' image could use an upgrade, speak to the friendly team at VB Designs. We'll show you how refreshing your marketing collateral will breathe new life into your business.