Monthly Graphic Design Packages

Get the message out loud and clear each month with our monthly graphic design packages, designed specifically for companies that require ongoing design services.

Our custom-designed plans help your brand to stay fresh and relevant while saving you stress, time and money knowing all of your design content is being handled for you. Promote like a pro with VB Designs and give us a call to discuss your unique business marketing needs.


Monthly Graphic Design Packages?

A monthly graphic design plan is a fantastic way to ensure your upcoming projects are professionally designed and all of your timeframes and deliverables are met each month. Our plans are similar to a monthly graphic designer retainer where you pay a set fee each month. However, unlike retainers, you’re backed by an entire local graphic design team of experts rather than a single freelancer of varying experience who could be working from anywhere. There’s loads to love about our graphic design monthly packages, including:


Our plans let you skip the high cost of an in-house designer and employ the ongoing creative services and knowledge of the VB Designs team. Our designers have the capacity to handle any workload and any project. They’ll get to know you and your brand in order to understand your specific design needs and deliver exceptional content each month. With no admin, superannuation or annual leave to worry about, you can be sure that your project is in good hands with designers who get it.

Fast turnaround times

You tell us what you need and when you need it - we’ll deliver it on time, every time.

Consistent branding

With the same designers working on your graphic design content each month, you’ll maintain branding consistency across all print and digital platforms so that your business remains professional and instantly recognisable.

Easy payments

We take the hassle out of payment by sending you one invoice each month.

Direct contact

You get your own project manager to oversee all of your designs. This person is your direct point of contact with us; they’ll keep you in the loop at all times, answer your questions, provide tips or advice and alleviate any concerns with ease.

Tailored to your needs

No monthly plan is the same. We tailor your package to suit your exact design needs and can grow the plan as your business grows.

Larger projects

We have the capacity to handle larger one-off projects like expos, catalogues and other promotional events. From media walls to banners, we’ve got you covered.

Easy to budget

With a set fee each month, you’ll always know exactly what you need to pay which makes it easier to budget.

Stress-free and efficient

A monthly design package lets you sit back and focus on other aspects of the business, knowing your design needs will be met each month by a professional team. We track your workload and capacity for you, streamline content creation and get stuff done!


Can We Include In a Monthly Design Package?

VB Designs offer a full suite of graphic design and print services to keep your brand fresh, informative and connected to your customer base. We can tailor your monthly package to include any materials that you need. The sky is the limit - here’s just a peek at what’s available:

Logo, Marketing and Promo Material Design

Capability Statement Design

Catalogue Design

Brochure Design

Pull Up Banners & Posters

Trade Show Products

Menu Design

Stationery & Business Cards

Social Media Images


We’ve helped all types of businesses in many different industries to promote their brand through stunning design, from manufacturing to pharmaceutical, distribution and much more. Our Creative Director, Vicki, will tailor your monthly graphic design package to suit you and your needs.

We work extensively with businesses in Brisbane and extend our services to companies in Sydney and Melbourne as well as the rest of Australia and New Zealand. Call to request a customised quote today or book a consultation to discuss your individual needs and discover how we can help your business to reach new heights.