5 Top Tips To Successful Trade Booth Design

Written on the 14 June 2022 by VB Designs

5 Top Tips To Successful Trade Booth Design


Your trade show booth will be seen by visitors long before they approach, so it’s imperative you grab their attention in a positive way and make a good first impression. Investing the time to strategise your stand layout and accompanying marketing material design will ensure you receive the best results possible from your investment.

1. Invest Time With Your Graphic Designer. 

Discuss the overall vision for your stand and the various elements you need designed and printed. Ensure you allow plenty of time, you should have design work of your products started by 8 weeks out as many printed elements such as walls, flags and banners, gift cards, pop-up counters or table cloths may require 3-4 weeks print time. A catalogue may need 2-3 weeks of design time. Ensure you discuss deadlines with your designer - working with a design studio that provides printing will ensure a smoother process and they are in a position to confirm time frames with you to include design, print and delivery. Your designer needs ample time to complete projects and you need ample time for proofing to avoid a last-minute rush causing you stress that products may not be delivered on time.

2. Provide A Concise Design Brief Along With Your Brand Guide.

You’ve had your meeting, hired your designer, and confirmed the products you need to complete your stand. It is extremely important that you provide the key elements to showcase your business and ensure consistency across your brand. Ensure you supply high-resolution logos, a branding style guide (which should include your exact brand colours and fonts), brand values, website, any specific imagery you utilise, and any existing company marketing material that they need to align your design concepts with.

3. Attract Visitors With Attention-Grabbing Material. 

Attract visitors to your stand using the best products to grab attention and bring people in. There are a great variety of eye-catching products that can be successful in attracting the attention you require. Many of these can be used again at several events so are well worth the investment.


Some of these include:

• Customised walls (various shapes and sizes)

• Pop-up counters • Branded table covers

• Pull up banners • Posters

• Table strut cards or mini pull-up banners

• iPad stands

• Brochures

• Giveaways such as note pads

4. Getting Your Message Right.

Great, so your graphic designer has created your products and they look amazing and grab attention, but if you don’t have the right message to highlight your uniqueness (what is your USP?) then you may grab attention but fail to bring the visitors in to interact. It’s imperative your message hits your target market and looks to solve their ‘problem’ so they will visit and want to find out more about how you can help them. Ensure your message is effective by utilising appropriate headlines and wording to grab attention that resonates with your target market. Using a question that highlights a problem you can solve for them will arouse interest.

5. Great Use Of Colour. 

Different colours evoke different emotional responses. It might seem obvious but the colour of your stand is important. Of course, you must choose a colour scheme that works in with your branding, but is also striking and inviting for visitors. Discuss this with your designer to ensure the best colour combinations are used to make your stand a design success. If you are limited with your colour options by your branding, clever design of your stand elements can make all the difference.

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Author:VB Designs