EC Banner vs. Pull Up Banner

Written on the 12 December 2022

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EC Banner vs. Pull Up Banner – Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to an EC banner vs. pull up banner, you may be wondering which one is right for you and your advertising needs. Read our blog to discover the differences between them, what our top pick is for your next show and how you can get your hands on one.

What is a Pull Up Banner?

Pull up banners, also known as roll up banners, are the traditional style of banner used at tradeshows and events for promoting a product or service. They use a retractable system that requires you to pull or roll the banner up to display them and are typically printed on PVC. While they get the job done, pull up banners are bulky and heavy to transport to shows and usually need to be completely replaced, both frame and print, if the frame gets damaged.


·      Can be single or double sided

·      May be a cheaper alternative to EC banners if only using for one event


·      Not as sturdy as an EC banner

·      Don’t last as long as EC banners

·      Large and bulky packaging 

·      Needs to be completely replaced if the retractable system breaks

·      Can curl on the edges over time


What is an EC Banner?

EC banners are a cross between the traditional pull up banner and a tension fabric wall. They’re crafted with a super lightweight aluminium frame which is durable and very easy to carry from show to show. The high-quality aesthetics of an EC banner rival the wow factor of straight media walls but they’re more affordable. Use them on their own to display your brand and information or combine several banners to create stunning large or small media walls that showcase your product and attract customers.


·      More professional and high-quality

·      No moving parts making it almost impossible to break framework

·      Double-sided

·      More durable than a pull up banner

·      Can be washed and reused to save money

·      Easy to change artwork for each different event

·      Much easier to fix than a pull up banner

·      Slim, lightweight packaging for easy transportation


·      Print may get dirty; however this can easily be fixed by placing in the washing machine


EC Banner vs. Pull Up Banner – Which One Should You Choose? 

If it’s professionalism, versatility and convenience that you’re after, you can’t beat an EC banner. These modern banners look the part and are the most popular way to display your product or service at exhibition booths and shows to attract the maximum amount of customers.

At VB Designs, we can help you out with complete tradeshow booth design solutions for your next event. Our premium quality EC banners are made in Australia by local graphic designers and feature vibrant colours that pop on the highest quality, non-curl media. Lightweight and easy to transport, assemble and store, these eye-catching banners are the most professional and efficient way to advertise. Give us a call today to find out more or to request a quote.

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