Wholesale Food Group: A Case Study

Written on the 31 August 2023 by VB Designs

Wholesale food group rebrand case study


In manufacturing, professional graphic design is key to standing out in a saturated marketplace. Discover the power of exceptional marketing materials with our case study on a recent VB Designs client: Wholesale Food Group.

Case Study: Wholesale Food Group Rebrand March – Aug 2023

This client first approached VB Designs in March 2023 after being inspired by a glowing referral from a satisfied past client. They needed a major business rebranding as well as food packaging design and our team was happy to help out.

We began with a logo design for a new food product followed by packaging for 8 products within the range. Next, we overhauled their online brand identity by designing new social media imagery for Facebook and LinkedIn, including banners that were modern, creative and better showcased their business personality. The client then requested a revamp of their 28-page product catalogue that was created 7 years ago. We arranged photography for new images to be taken and freshened up the design so that it was much more professional, eye-catching and current.

What Were The Benefits Of Our Graphic Design?

Wholesale Food Group were able to show off their product ranges as premium and a cut above the competitors. We created a better representation of their brand for their target market and our revamped catalogue has received rave reviews from their customers since its launch.

How Were Our Designs Used?

·  The new logo and product packaging design will appear on actual products for sale on shelves

·  The catalogue will be used to promote their product range to customers

·  The social media images will be used to increase brand exposure online

What Did Wholesale Food Group Value The Most About Working With Us?

Here’s what our client loved most about working with VB Designs:

·  Having a single trusted supplier to call on as needed who could provide strong and consistent design across their various brands

·  We were able to design, print and create digital catalogues as we are a one-stop supplier

·  Our extensive network of creative contacts enabled us to refer them to a specialist food photographer for all of their amazing new product photos

·  Innovative design created in an efficient timeframe with great communication and regular project updates

Testimonial: “Catalogue looks wonderful. Feedback from our staff is that the tables in particular are excellent and really well laid out in its format – so please pass on a ‘job well done thanks’ to the team.” Mark Goldsmith, Wholesale Food Group 

Experts In Professional Manufacturing Design

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