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Written on the 31 July 2023 by VB Designs


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When it comes to graphic design for The Brisbane Pet Show, you need promotional material that’s attractive, professional and consistent to stand out from the crowd. VB Designs are a pet expo designer who can provide stunning trade show material for Australia’s biggest pet expos and events, from brochures and flyers to business cards, branding, social media images and more. Take a look at a case study featuring one of our recent happy clients, Cat Specialist Services.

Case Study: Cat Specialist Services

This client approached VB Designs in February 2023 for a new logo design that would feature as part of a specific section of their business – Thyroid Cat Specialist Services. We were also asked to design some promo material, including mousepads, flyers and bookmarks. There were two different bookmarks designed; one was specially die cut to the shape of a cat for an striking and unique look.

Cat Specialist Services then requested further designs from us. We provided them with a Core Values poster that was printed and supplied in frames to display in their practices. We also designed and printed presentation folders that were given to their clients with various flyers and important information inside. The aim was to provide high-quality and compelling products featuring the new design style with consistent branding that matched other marketing material used across the brand.


Later, Cat Specialist Services returned to VB Designs with a request for new and more of the most popular existing products to display at The Pet Show Australia, held in Brisbane on the 1st and 2nd July 2023.

We completed:

  • More mouse pads and bookmarks
  • 6 different A4 information flyers about various feline care and post-surgery information to be handed out at their pet expo booth display and the practice thereafter.
  • Circle stickers designed and printed which were added to small bags of catnip for a bit of fun!
  • A coffee carrier that was designed and printed to be used as a giveaway
  • Magnets

Following a visit to the Pet Show to see our designs in action, the client revealed to us that they loved all of the materials we had designed and it was attracting plenty of attention.

Client Testimonial: “Appreciate all your work. Looks amazing, thanks so much!” (Dr Rachel Korman, Cat Specialist Services)

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